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Paul Vigoureux

My Story...

I was first inspired to write creatively in high school, after taking a course in journalism and then contributing to several yearbooks with school-related news articles and poetry.  Later, my writing expanded to a larger audience through freelance contributions; news articles relating to local events published in a community periodical. 

One day, I had a vision in which I saw a hand parting lace curtains open. I thought that maybe someone was looking out of their window at something. I didn't know at the time what this person saw, but I went along with the idea that maybe they were reclusive and introverted. I thought to myself...perhaps this person was looking past their own enshrouded world and in fact -beyond the veil of lace.

​​In that surreal moment of clarity, I knew I had the beginning of a story.

​Beyond the veil of lace represents my first foray into the literary world.