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Paul Vigoureux

From the opening sentence, Paul Vigoureux introduces the reader to Nathan, a troubled teenager, shrouded from the world but a possible witness to a heinous crime that occurred just outside of his bedroom window.  Within minutes, the reader is then introduced to the main character, Sheriff Langley who is summoned to head up the investigation into the town murder.  In Beyond the veil of lace, the author continues the story as seen through the eyes of the Sheriff and creates an intelligent approach to character development and believable settings in this -his first novel.  

The story unfolds quickly as Vigoureux creates believable tension and a sense of urgency in his protagonist.  Throughout his nine chapters, he injects a steady narrative that helps to carry the plot, along with a host of other characters whom his main character must meet in an attempt to bring the investigation to a close.  With a flair for climactic twists, the author suddenly changes direction and his Sheriff must ultimately face the murderer, but nothing he did up to then could have prepared him for that moment.

​Beyond the veil of lace is a remarkable first time effort and a great addition to the literary genre; a classic page turner that reader’s will enjoy from this talented newcomer.  We highly recommend it.       

​- America Star Books 2014